Malted Flour for Baking Needs

We offer both diastatic and non-diastatic malted flours, milled on demand to ensure freshness and flavor. 

From breads, cookies, pizza dough and pasta, you will be amazed of the unique flavors that malted flour can bring into your final baked product in addition to  the improved dough handling characteristics and associated health benefits.

Who We Are

Our process  focuses on traditional floor-malting  techniques for distinct complex flavor  and malting using renewable energy technology .

CNC Malting Co.

Custom Malts  for Craft Spirits 

From high enzymatic power base malts to specialty custom smoked malts using a variety of locally grown grains, our custom malts bring complex flavor and character to the craft spirits. 


Our Process

Custom 'N Craft Malthouse

Locally Sourced Grains, Traditionally Floor-Malted, Distinct Local Flavor

CNC (Custom & Craft) Malting Company

​CNC (Custom 'N Craft) Malting Co.  is a craft malt house located in Fenelton, Butler Co., Pennsylvania. Established in 2015, in the former Clearfield Township elementary school, CNC Malt applies traditional floor malting techniques to locally sourced grains and delivers unique flavor craft malts to Pennsylvania craft industries.

Our Malts

Our malts are handcrafted using locally grown unique grain varieties, customized to meet customer's needs.

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What We Offer


We partner up with local farms in the region to grow sustainable, locally adapted grain varieties and to help create distinct regional food and beverage styles. ​
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Craft Malts for Craft Beer

It's been said that Malt is the Soul of Beer; We offer a variety of craft malts to help create unique craft beers. Our malts are made from locally sourced grains to ensure terroir in every pint,  traditional floor malted to bring complex flavor and crafted in small batches to meet the unique craft beer needs.

Our Story

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