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​Our Story

CNC Malt started from the passion for beer and the desire to create something unique, that represents the true flavor of  state of Pennsylvania. We are the missing link between local farmers and local craft beer and craft spirits industries, bringing the local terroir in your favorite craft drink - From Farm to Flavor / Craft Malt for Craft Beer and Craft Spirits.

​​The Malthouse

Since the acquisition in 2015, the former Clearfield Township Elementary School has been going through a lot of transformation over the last couple of year, in what today is a craft malt house with a lot of the previous class rooms redone for floor-malting, the former teacher lounge transformed into a state of art lab, and the gym the place for kilning the malt and the home for our biomass furnace. 

It was stated recently by a director of our local newspaper that ​the malthouse is essentially the handshake between the farmer and the brewer. She is absolutely correct! Malthouses need high quality grain and work with local farmers on their variety selection, crop care, harvest timing, proper storage, broken equipment and a plethora of other issues all to purchase a high-quality malting grain crop. On the other side the malthouse works directly with the brewers and distillers who need high quality malted grain with the enzymatic actions and consistent full flavor profiles a good malthouse provides, on time no exceptions. The malthouse is the keystone of the quality supply chain both physically and figuratively. It’s been said that malt is the soul of beer, and for good reason, because without malt there would not be beer. All grains come through us.  This unique position allows us to disseminate the needs and gaps of each link in the beer chain and provide support to each through the others. The facility itself is the common ground.

Our Goals
Continue to evaluate new grain verities for flavor and performance

Explore various local growing regions to optimize flavor in different malt styles

Help create distinct regional beverage and food styles

Our Story

Bringing terroir in your craft beverage