Brasero Rye Malt

Spelt Malt

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Pale Ale Malt

Dark Munich Malt

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Biscuit Malt

Made to order

Armor Oats Malt

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Brown Malt

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 American Ale Malt

Vienna Malt

Smoked Malt

Made / Smoked to order - applewood, pear, maple, oak or other customer specified smoke flavor

Locally Sourced, floor-malted grains, distinct local flavor

CNC Malting offers a variety of craft malts from locally grown unique grain varieties, floor-malted in small batches to meet customer's needs.

In addition to the products listed below, we offer custom malting  services as well as contract malting services.

Please contact us directly and we would be happy to talk to you and work with you.

Custom 'N Craft Malting Co.

Brumalt Malt

Pilsner Malt

Wheat Malt

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Light Munich Malt